Your Solar Astrology Character Analysis Report


Because you don’t know your time of birth, this makes the Sun the point of your 1st House Cusp, and all the 12 Houses are divided equally by 30 degrees thereafter.

Obviously knowing your Time of Birth does add greater precision and detail. But for many of us, our Sun is very much about our personal identity, so this is the focus of your Solar Character Analysis Report.

Additionally, by not estimating your Time of Birth, it avoids giving you an Ascendant which could be completely wrong.

The Moon is the one planet, where knowing your time of birth is crucial, so I have calculated this chart at Noon. Sometimes it could be on the cusp of another sign.

Where all the planets are located, including the Sun, and their relationship to one another, can help you to understand how some of the life experiences you’ve had have unfolded, but also where you could now seize opportunities.