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I am Certified Tarot Card Reader and Life Coach.  Your session can be done using Spiritual Development tools of Oracle, Angel, Tarot, Crystals, and other spiritual modalities. If there is a specific modality you would like to use prior to your reading, please leave that information in the note section of your order. Otherwise we can do what feels right within the session. 

Through these techniques I can help to guide you through situations, BOOK a 1 to 1 Consultation with me on Skype or Zoom. All consultations are recorded and shared at the conclusion of the reading.

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SS, The Netherlands, 27th December 2023 – “I have had a number of readings with Alyssa and they have all been amazing. She has a very soothing voice creating a calm atmosphere during the readings. She remains focused, instils confidence to face the future and has a wonderful little giggle that is addictive. How on earth she knows so much information is astonishing but she does and this is very reassuring for what she has to say. After the reading you receive a recording and photos of the cards drawn. This is extremely useful because remembering so much information afterwards would be almost impossible. Thank you Alyssa for all that you do. You are a true star and have a real talent in what you do.”

Yz – Hampshire, UK, 23rd October 2023 “Out of all the readers I’ve worked with over the years, Alyssa, has to be the absolute best.

I’ve had three readings with her and I so appreciate the way she reads and delivers the tarot’s wisdom with so much care, compassion and encouragement, and even when I’ve had challenging situations come up, the guidance Alyssa gives is appropriate and motivational which gives me confidence that all will be well.

Alyssa has a natural gift which blends well with excellent communication skills and being an all round good human being.”

7th December 2021 – J – Rugby – UK – “I am grateful to Alyssa for this lovely reading. Spirit talks through you You have the gift. Bless you
Thank you so much.”

29th September 2021, M – UK “Thank you so much Alyssa, I always appreciate speaking to you.”

20th September 2021, S – UK “Alyssa, I so enjoyed the reading, very insightful, thank you!”

13th March 2021, C – Italy “Alyssa gave me clarity and comfort, and hope when the convulsion of planets in Aquarius was bringing me down. Using her feed-back life has a new sense, and I am confident that this deep will pass. Alyssa is engaging, professional and extremely empathetic. I would recommend that to understand you better you work with both Alyssa and Patrick, they complement each other to provide you the best guidance possible.”

19th February 2021, AS – Ireland “I had the most amazing reading with Alyssa today. She was kind, compassionate and understanding. I felt completely comfortable opening up during my reading and Alyssa understood my situation completely. Do not hesitate to book a reading with Alyssa, you won’t be disappointed! I am looking forward to returning in six months time to see my progress!”

18th February 2021, F – Oklahoma – USA Hi Alyssa!! thanks so much for a fabulous reading today!! really looking forward to our next one!!”

15th February 2021, A – Skeeton – UK “Dear Alyssa, Thank you so much, it really gave me some clarity on the situation and I am much more confident now in my decision, I am feeling really positive for the future!!”

8th January 2021, J – London – UK “Hello Alyssa. Thank you so much for this lovely and very useful reading. You have the gift to make People feel good It’s a gift.”

6th January 2021, AS – Florida – USA “Dear Alyssa, thank you very much for the reading. You are amazing. Everything that you told me was right on point. And I really mean everything! I will reach back to you in 6 months for a new reading. You have a client for life, in me”

21st December 2020, D  – New Zealand  – Thank you so much for your exceptional reading!! I loved it – exactly perfect!! So well read on all accounts and such wonderful confirmation for me as I feel you give me an objective view/ reading that gives me the sounds I need to hear. I have never received spiritual teachings from anyone in the physical dimension, all my teaches/masters have been in the higher dimensions of light, so its a special treat to have your perspective and expertise on all matters.”

29th October 2020, KS  – Saudi Arabia  – “I can’t begin to describe Alyssa’s skills as a psychic. She is exceptional. She was able to see so far and deep it was simply amazing. She connected with and understood what is happening with me on the physical, emotional and soul level. I found it admirable at how well she was able to communicate what I’ve experienced and how I was feeling. She even picked up on a really big hope I have that I didn’t really ask her to focus on because I’ve left it in God’s hand. It was a clear, profound reading. Alyssa is truly an insightful woman.”

8th October 2020, CM  –  Eastbourne – UK  – “A lovely lovely lady with such a nice way about her, and with the cards and her own insight has a real gift of tapping into what’s going on in your mind. spot on and very intuitive”

2nd October 2020, SM  – Oregon – USA  – “Loved the reading very insightful”

28th July 2020, CM  – Belfast – Ireland – “Many thanks for my reading Alyssa ☺️ it really helped and I feel better today and stronger from it! hanks for listening and hopefully will catch up again with you soon 😀”

18th July 2020, NS – Scotland – Just had a personal one to one with Patrick and Alyssa 60 min with Patrick and 30 min with Alyssa I found the experience very enchanting and both very professional kind and understanding people I would definitely recommend Patrick and Alyssa best astrologers of all time in my opinion thanks both”

6th July 2020, DS – CA, USA – How often does one meet another human being that absolutely “Gets YOU”!! I recently had a secession with Alyssa. I am still enchanted, humbly grateful, blessed, awesomely amazed and above all so thrilled, that she totally read me. It was beyond supportive and helpful. Every statement I shared, she had a response that gave an authentic and supportive message to me. I keep on viewing the session, as each time I get more and more from it. Grateful does not even really state it enough. I can now even more move forward with more understanding. I really highly recommend her work. She also does a daily spiritual/astrology session with Patrick Arundell, that is also beyond awesome. Do tune in!” 

15th June 2020, ML – Hong Kong – “Alyssa, you’re amazing! Your reading has guided me as if you know about the details of my career situation which I haven’t really told you! You have brought me a peace of mind and understand the best course of action for myself…or indeed, the need of no action! Thank you”

16th April 2020, P – Gozo –  “Had an amazing session with Alyssa yesterday she’s lovely I really find her inspiring and uplifting.”

23rd April 2020, HT – New Zealand – Thank you so much for the absolutely delightful reading!! So much information to consider that is relevant to me and my attitude/feelings etc to a new relationship. Thank you again and I look forward to having you read for me again soon.”

17th April 2020, D – New Zealand – “I recently had the pleasure of connecting with Alyssa, after many months of viewing her Social Media presence via Instagram. Alyssa is warm, genuine and displays a profound balance of attributes that are congruent with one you would expect to find in this field. Alyssa is incredibly knowledgeable and infused with an ‘’Old Soul’’ essence of wisdom and aptitudes that I find evolutionary. Alyssa provides a very professional and confidential service that incorporates both business and personal etiquette. My confidence in her ability to deliver a flow of information and knowledge throughout the entire session was greatly rewarded!”

16th April 2020, R – Surrey, England “Alyssa, thank you for my readings over the years. You are my ‘go to’ person and are always on point. I like the way you deliver information in an uplifting yet accurate way. I always know I am safe in your hands. Thank you for everything.”

(please check your local time in relation to GMT HERE) although some slots later in the day can be available on request. Please CLICK HERE to contact me about this.

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