T&C’s Personal Consultation with Patrick or Alyssa Arundell

Thank you for considering a Personal Consultation with myself or Alyssa.

If you choose a 60 Minute reading with me, I will also prepare you a 12 Month Personal Horoscope Report within this which will be emailed after the reading.

Consultations need to be booked with the Appointment Scheduler and paid for by PayPal in advance to secure the time slot.

Once you have booked and I have received your confirmation and payment emails, I will confirm my Skype ID to you by return and ask you to confirm what area of your life you wish me to look at.

I prefer not to work with anyone who does not know their exact birth time. My video and writing commitments mean I have less time to do rectifications.

I use a mixture of Tropical and Draconic Natal Analysis, Transits, Secondary Progressions and Directions to analyze your situation.

I do use a video camera for Skype readings but can work with those clients that just wants to use audio. I record readings and email afterwards. I will share your chart on screen so you can see exactly what is going on with your situation. It is best if you can use a DeskTop, LapTop or Tablet for the consultation.

By law I have to advise you that your reading is for entertainment purposes only, but please be assured your situation will be treated with the upmost seriousness and respect.

If you book a reading with Patrick, and enter incorrect birth information, the consultation will need to be terminated and rescheduled with payment made again, due to the time in preparation that Patrick takes.

We do not offer Money Back on completed Personal Consultations. 

As I have suffered with ill health over the past few years I reserve the right to cancel/or rearrange our appointment.

All readings are in the strictest confidence.

Thank you