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Testimonials CM. North East USA 19th January 2024 “Fabulous”, (READ MORE…) 

describes the presentation, the caring nature of the chart (the good and not-so-good), and the knowledge shared in such a professional and easy-to-understand manner. I have been read many years ago by not one but two very prominent NY astrologers and have never seen or heard of some of the aspects, midpoints, and their collective energies and how they are intertwined into one life in such a detailed manner. I would highly recommend a reading with Patrick, even if you have had an astrology reading in the past you will learn so much more than one could ever imagine. Treat yourself! You will get the full picture of your life and gain a greater understanding of your purpose, gifts, and behaviors.”

KD, Detroit, USA 11th January 2024 “Thank you so much, Patrick. I was such a pleasure meeting you and the reading was exceptional!!”

JG, LA, USA 4th January 2024 “Dear Patrick, Thank you for the amazing reading!”

SRAJ, UK, 30th December 2023 – “Patrick is professional, polite. He is very detailed this provides excellent analysis. He is kind and honest I would highly recommend this amazing Astrologer!”

AG, Washington State, USA, 30th December 2023 “Patrick is wonderful. His insights and accuracy are always spot on. He is pleasure to work with”

S.K., Berlin, Germany 28th December 2023 – “Patrick delved deep into my chart and explained the past, current situation and future. Understanding the past years better – in order to process them and make peace with them – helped me a lot. Looking at life and its developments through “his” astrology, explanations and interpretations was wonderful and did me good. I think he is a professional who is very focussed, profound and absolutely with the client. I really enjoyed it – thank you very much!”

MP, Paris, France 22nd December 2023 – “Patrick is a very experienced astrologer and offers a reading with incredible insights into your personality and your relationships. He is very respectful of the person he consults. He also gently suggests directions forward that combine astrological facts and psychological finesse . I really appreciated his reading.”

JR Trimsaran Wales, 25th November 2023 – “Our time together was brilliant; there was time for me to talk and for Patrick to back up my musings with the Astrology. Patrick was spot on with my questions; highlighted my skills, knowledge, expertise. After our time together ; I felt buoyed up; enough to sing ( poorly) whilst preparing food. Huge recommendation from me.”

Joanna, South Africa, 22nd November – “This astrology reading by Patrick has exceeded my expectations. I was blown away by how accurate my life was shown in the stars. Patrick is so knowledgeable and so professional I left feeling so much better about myself and my whole year experiences. I cannot wait for the next year. And this is not the end with Patrick, thank you so very much till next year.”

R – 26th October 2023 “Patrick was extremely helpful and insightful that catered to my situation. I will be coming back to him for further chart and relationship guidance.”

B – Luton, UK 20th October 2023 “Thank you again for my amazing reading last night. Patrick is warm, genuine and makes you feel at ease. He amazed me how accurate he was when reading my birth chart and it was as if he knew me already. He explained about my transits, progressed and Solar Returns and it left me feeling hopeful. If you’re looking to get your birth chart read then look no further as Patrick is your man.”

Duane, Brooklyn, New York, USA 18th October “I am SO glad I approached Patrick to have my chart read! Patrick is insightful, intuitive and informative. I should actually put INFORMATIVE in all caps, because he is truly gifted in his ability to share so many insights in such little time. I was also very impressed by his approach to inquiring about my past (past transits) because with what seemed like little effort, he was able to help me reframe many experiences and reconnect with other moments that I had almost forgotten.

I felt like he really understood me and for that I am grateful. I am inquisitive by nature so it was really comforting to work with someone who could keep up with my questions so gracefully.
By the end of our call, I gained a lot of clarity about my Birth Chart and I am excited for my upcoming transits. Do not hesitate to book time with Patrick Arundell! A reading with him is definitely worth your time!”

JC, Florida. USA 3rd October 2023 “What a pleasure to work with Patrick today. He gave me wonderful insight on my past situations and future endeavors with lots of practical knowledge and some great ideas.A true understanding and down to earth explanation of my chart with it’s progressions, challenges and blessings. An uplifting session that will assist me in moving ahead into my next life adventure with bigger smiles and more confidence. The session was recorded and charts sent later that day so I can refer back as needed. Don’t think twice! Book a session! I promise that you won’t regret it.”

MC, Sweden, 26th September 2023 “I had a one to one session with Patrick. I had some specific questions that he answered in great details. I also got a better understanding of a difficult situation with a family member. Plus an overview about work and love and what I can look forward to the coming year. He is very knowledgeable and explains everything in a way that is easily understood. I highly recommend Patrick.”

E, Cat island, Greece 21st September 2023 “Thanks Patrick! Thanks Patrick! Thanks Patrick! Thanks Patrick! Thanks Patrick! Thanks Patrick! I love your prophecies and your name and you! Ich liebe dich!”

PE, New Zealand 28th June 2023 “My sessions with Patrick have been profound. He was very able at explaining the technicalities of the astrology reading and relating it to my current circumstances. His deep listening and the kind, thoughtful, and caring way that he communicates takes the sessions to great heights. I highly recommend working with Patrick.”

CC, Vancouver 20th June 2023 “I had a one to one reading with Patrick. I am going through a tough period and he helped me to understand why and give me some insight, and the most important HOPE. I was an another astrologer in the past, and it was very superficial. He knows in depth astrology, and what he told me deeply resonates. I felt understood right away. I highly recommend Patrick for any astrology reading”

Da, Atlanta, USA -24th May 2023 “Patrick is excellent. Sure he knows his craft of astrology but what makes him special is his ability to apply the current aspects to what is happening in your life. He is an excellent listener, very intuitive and tuned into the problems you are trying solve. You feel that he is completely on the same page. He gets it! Highly recommend, see for yourself!”

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