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Why not enjoy a 1 to 1 Personal Consultation with me? I have been a Professional Astrologer since 1995 and would be delighted to be of assistance.

I work through the mediums of Natal, Draconic, Transits, Secondary Progressions and Solar Arc Directions bringing you a wonderful opportunity to gain greater clarity around your situation.

I use Skype for readings and this way I can share my screen with you and show you how the planets are impacting on your situation. All consultations are recorded and shared at the conclusion of the reading.

For best results for recording a Skype Consultation please use Desktop or a Tablet, if possible.


8th January 2020, P, NSW, Australia – “Thanks so much for your time and insight. You have given me clarity and I feel more able to proceed on my path with this understanding. Many thanks”

8th January 2020, W, Derby, UK – “A fantastic astrologer, with a warm, empathic and down-to-earth approach. Thank you for the reading Patrick XXX”

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3rd January 2020, D, West Sussex, UK – Dear Patrick, Many, many thanks for your time and interpretation of my chart, which I found so interesting and which gave so much insight to my past, present and future time. With warmest wishes and many thanks. I shall be back for an update in the future!”

3rd January 2020, J, Maharashtra, India, – “Hi Patrick, I really appreciate your help & co-operation. I will look forward to meet you in the next month (again) for sure. Thanks for your support and guidance !!!!!”

2nd January 2020 E, USA, Kentucky –  “Patrick thank you again for the reading. You definitely brought my optimism back. Thank you again, you opened my eyes. I am glad i booked this reading.”

20th December 2019 EE, USA, NYC – “I’m so glad I got an individual reading from Patrick! Not only is he an expert astrologer, he’s also a good listener and is able to customize the information he gives so that you can make the best use of it. I’d highly recommend him to anyone. Everything he told me rang true — and I also appreciate how positive he is even about challenging aspects.”

12th December 2019  Jeanie, YouTube – “Dear Patrick, just want to say a HUGE thank you, for all the energy, time, and emotion you put into delivering your forecasts everyday/week/month and year. I deeply appreciate your insights and found my one to one personal reading so helpful. In fact i would encourage everyone to treat themselves, because we are all worth it !:) but more than that, the information it gives you is so valuable, in truly understanding who you are and how best to negotiate your time here on Earth. Bless you Patrick you rock!!” 

28th Nov 2019  SM Washington State, USA – “I have been searching for the most perfect words to convey that I received from you the most wonderful reading of my life! Saying thank you so very much does not seem to be enough!! You are truly a Master of astrology with the kindest of hearts and gentlest of manners. From the start you showed me where I have courage to forge ahead and all the tools I already possess – which I have had all my life but I just could not see them for myself. I am seeing myself in a brand new light which is so exciting! You touched on so many things that were troubling me and helped reassure me that I have everything I need to succeed! I am so excited about this next phase of my life and am forging ahead with some ideas for my own business and a brave new me. I am so glad we connected and your reading was definitely life-changing for me! I cannot recommend you highly enough. Thanks a million times!!”

19th November 2019: KB – London – “I found the (my personal) reading with Patrick extremely helpful, bring more clarity and positivity into my life. Many things were confirmed as I experienced them and I’m very much looking forward to the next steps and my future plans :)”

17th November 2019: Victoria – New York, USA – “I have been your fan for years now, and as I shared with you during the consultation last week, it has not been a day when your thoughts (via videos, emails, posts) have not been 100% correct! It was my TRUE honor to meet you personally and review 2020 from my chart. I can not say enough worlds of how precise you were on the events of my past by reading the outputs of the chart that you have so professionally prepared or our call last week and how the words and views you shared for the future mean to me, and my hence will radiate to my family!”

17th November 2019: RR – NSW, Australia – “A shout out for Patrick.🎺🎺 My recent Astrology reading with Patrick was outstanding value! Not only was his knowledge base sound and well explained but his  face to face presentation via Skype provided me with a caring and intimate session far beyond the expected astrological prediction. I can wholeheartedly recommend a session with Patrick whose  wealth of knowledge is matched only by his  professionalism, caring and passion for astrology. A truly accurate and therapeutic experience delivered with gentleness and sensitivity. My direction is clearer thanks to Patrick.”

1st November 2019: CD – Bournemouth, UK – “I was really pleased with my recent reading with Patrick.  I work with several astrologers, and each has their own perspective.  Patrick is no different, and gave me a number of excellent insights that I had not heard before nor thought about.   If you’ve listened to Patrick for any length of time, you will know he knows his stuff, and his personalised readings are even better than the monthly’s.  Thanks again Patrick :)”

30th October 2019: Frau M – Karlsruhe, Germany – “Patrick, thank you so much for the time and precious information last evening, it was great speaking to you!”

29th October 2019: Herr B – Friedrichsdorf, Germany – “Thank you very much for our very sympathic, personal and professional conversation today. It was a real pleasure for me.”

24th October 2019: K W – New York, USA  – “Thank you. You are so lovely I will recommend all my friends…”

10th September 2019: S – Florida USA – “Patrick you are by far the Best Astrologer I’ve worked with in the last two decades. My friend who referred you was totally correct, you are amazing. Patrick, you are totally accurate in regards to my personality, past pains, and my present situations! Your incredible Knowledge delivered with compassion was so evident in my reading.

I think your intuitive abilities along with your knowledge are so accurate and insightful because you take your own personal time preparing before my actual appointment, which includes your incorporation of the mediums of Natal, Draconic, Transits, Secondary Progressions and Solar Arc Directions! I have never met an astrologer who uses all of these mediums together. Patrick your reading gave me the feeling I was finally understood.

You empowered me to feel more confident in my present life situations. I have new information regarding future events that are beyond helpful for my life plan! Patrick, I highly recommend you! I thank you for being a part of my life!!.”

24th August 2019: M – Chicago USA – “Dear Patrick, I am truly grateful to you for confirming on my current state, this gives me a clarity on where I stand and what direction I should focus on for my life. I know you would definitely resonate with this, standing in a confused state is the worst thing for anyone and I have been there for nearly 6 years now.

Your reading guides me to look forward and not ponder over my past. This is enough for me, I know my direction and can start orienting my mind and energy towards that. Thank you so much for accommodating me with the extra time, I am truly grateful to you for it. I look upon you as a great healer and a great human being.”

22nd August 2019: FF – Dubai, UAE – “I sought Patrick’s assistance in creation and interpretation of my personal horoscope, during a period of transition in my life, with specific emphasis on my career. Patrick created various charts – natal, transits, progressed natal and others, took the time to review my situation and provided his guidance, which included key dates when changes to my circumstances could occur based on planetary and astrological shifts, which were spot on. His style is collaborative and consultative with keen insight into the individuals psyche inferred from the chart(s).

For anyone going through a period of uncertainty, a consultation to understand how the planets are impacting them and when and how changes could be forthcoming, can be reassuring and welcome.”

22nd August 2019: S – New York USA – “Thank you so much Patrick. These forecast reports are incredible..it’s so insightful and provides a great deal of understanding of my  children. I will be purchasing from you again. Thanks again”

21st August 2019: Emma – Yeovil UK –  “Dear Patrick, My consultation with you has been extraordinarily fascinating.  I have during my adult lifetime so far, consulted many varied professional helpers, healers and astrologists and indeed have studied and researched a great deal myself, but have not before gleaned such on-point, in-depth and illuminating information as I have from you.

To enjoy the best possible experience in this life, understanding your own personal make-up is completely vital and the most effective way to do that is through the astrological skies.  This is where you come in Patrick!  You have been so helpful and clever in the way you have highlighted the astrological aspects in my skies, which through their very existence, explain my personal tendencies to react to, or behave in a particular way to the challenge of the moment.  To understand more about the forces above, somehow helps lessen the burdens on one’s shoulders.

If certain planetary aspects mean that I have an abundance of creative talent in a certain direction, then it is good to know that or good to have the intuitive hunches confirmed and encouraged.  The same goes for limited or less positive influences;  it is just incredibly useful to know.

Thank you for your time and effort and for explaining so much to me about me.  Surely if a total stranger can be so insightful and understanding, so articulate and accurate during my consultation with him, he should be put on the national curriculum, so that every young person has the chance to get to know themselves!”

20th August 2019: Irina – Atlanta USA – “Thank you for helping me to understand and clarify my path, my decisions, my strong personal qualities. I am looking forward to apply the Planets guidance that you read for me in my life. I am going to navigate my life Ship now with a firm hand even if I am in the middle of the life Storm. I also will be working on more positive, loving and nurturing attitude towards myself. Thank you for emphasizing the importance of it and be willing together with Planets to gently guide me towards looking at major points of my life situation from a different perspective.”

16th August 2019: TD – Nottinghamshire, England – “I’ve just had an astrological reading from Patrick which is well informed, extremely accurate and has not only detailed my exact situation as it stands now, but has also forecast opportunities going forward that I fully intend to take advantage of.  This kind of guidance is invaluable and empowering, to say the least.I recommend Patrick’s services if you want a kind, professional and thoroughly detailed astrological reading. Thank you so much, Patrick.”

14th August 2019: TV – Kingston, Jamaica “This was my first chart reading and I’m so happy I went with Patrick. Definitely a lot to cover don’t think you can reach everything with just one session but he’s made me leave with the strength in knowing that my planetary aspects are showing a lot of what I’ve been experiencing and a bit of knowledge on how to overcome these and fulfill my dreams. Can’t wait to check in again in a few months definitely worth every minute!”

7th August 2019: James – Albuquerque – New Mexico Patrick offered me the most technically sound astrology reading I have ever had, delightfully enhanced by his expressive and articulate British vocabulary. His understanding of all the planets’ powers and attributes is extensive and impressive. He went into great detail on my reading and could on the fly reference the my chart and answer any of my specific questions.

Based on my unique time and date he wove together a story of my emotional life that was a very accurate depiction of who I am. This has been a gratifying relief to get clarity on what fuels my deepest drives. Understanding who I am at a deeper level has helped me focus on maximizing my strengths.

It gives me a profound sense of personal pride and happiness of being who I am and why I have become the person I am. Patrick has positively influenced my life, which I am appreciative and grateful for.” 

31st July 2019: SP – London “lovely session, very spot on”

29th July 2019: Nancy – New Mexico“ I had a Personal Reading from Patrick that took me on a deep dive into what my chart means for me in my life now.  It explained so much about big events in my life, and why I am the way I am.  I entered with a few questions that we explored and got clarity on.  I am very grateful that I chose Patrick to explore my chart with me.  Loved his take on the most important aspects!!! Highly recommend!!!”

20th July 2019: EK – Norwich “I recently got involved with learning about astrology because I was experiencing some unusual situations that I was struggling to make sense of. I came across Patrick on YouTube and was drawn to his straightforward approach. Consequently I asked a question and ended up having a personal reading about my chart that same week.

The information he gave was enlightening and suddenly a lot of things finally made sense. Patrick knew I was anxious and focused very much on the positive and also made the challenging aspects of my chart feel a lot lighter. He is very relatable and definitely has a natural affinity for working with people. I feel very blessed to have been able to gain a deeper understanding of myself through Patrick. I rather see him as a portal to a deeper knowledge of the universe and why I’m here. He is highly skilled and intuitive and I would recommend him to anyone.”

9th July 2019: ZH – Petersfield, England – “It is my pleasure to strongly recommend Patrick Arundell as an Astrologer. During my sessions Patrick was very knowledgeable and explained all aspects of my horoscope in plain language. I have to say when looking back there were more then accurate. In addition, to navigate me through crucial aspects of my life Patrick highlighted aspects I had to be aware of leaving me fully assured of his expertise.”

12th June 2019: Patricia – Wales –  “Thank you so much Patrick for my son’s reading. It was amazing! So accurate it was spooky. It has shown the reasons as to why he has been behaving and reacting the way he has and how he can reprogram his actions to make better decisions in the future and guide him in his future planning. So enlightening! Makes you realise how powerful the planetary energies are! I will be recommending you to the rest of my family and friends. It was truly spot on. Thank you again…”

8th May 2019: HB – Wales – “When I read the long-view forecast you’d sent me it made perfect sense…”

24th April 2019: AR – Liverpool UK – “The detail and accuracy you have provided is truly staggering. I shall treasure and consult with them for many years to come. You are a truly gifted Astrologer. Many thanks”

4th March 2019: All Will Be Well – (YouTube) – “Thank you Patrick for my 12-month Forecast & Character Analysis. Great price. It was helpful & enlightening. I wanted to know all the Degrees and Aspects and House rulers in my chart. I’m a regular visitor to this site for many years and I like a good deal and I want to thank Patrick who is very gracious and informative.”

What I charge?

For 60 minutes discussion – £100.00

As part of your 60 Minute Consultation, I prepare and email you a 12 Month Personal Horoscope Forecast Report FREE that is sent after your reading. You will also be sent the recording of our Skype consultation for you to view after our session. 

I am available Tuesday – Friday from 12.00pm to 18.00pm GMT although some evening slots can be available on request. Please CLICK HERE to contact me about this.

Payment can be made through PayPal and you can pay as a Guest.

Payments need to be made in advance to secure slots.

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Many thanks Patrick


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