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Our Draconic Chart is the very roots of our personality, whereas the Natal Chart our potential. Learning about your Draconic chart will unlock many mysteries about your innate being.


Hello, I am astrologer Patrick Arundell. Please share with me three pieces of your birth data of Time, Date and Place, and I will give you an Astrological Road Map that can guide you through the rest of your life, unlocking untold opportunities and helping you to reach your fullest potential.

I have been a professional astrologer for over 25 years and I am the astrologer for the Metro, a UK National Daily Newspaper as well as the lead astrologer for the UK Press Association for 20 years. On YouTube I have 100K subscribers and 30 Million views, as well featuring on many leading platforms, worldwide.

So, how does this work? No two Personal Astrological charts are ever the same, and could be said to be our celestial fingerprint. Even the Birth Charts of Twins can differ, because the exact moment of birth is so crucially important.

Most people know what their Sun sign is, such as Aries through to Pisces. But each birth chart wheel is divided into 12 sections or Houses, and where each of the Planets are located, and their angles to one another are what gives us our unique characteristics beyond that Sun sign. For example, a person with the Sun in Aries but in the 12th House, may be much less outgoing than the archetype for that sign suggests. Someone with Venus and Mars closely together, can have a magnetic aura which attracts people to them. Saturn can also show us where we need to work the hardest, the Moon our home, family and emotional needs.

What is a Draconic Character Analysis? Draconic astrology is based on the influence of the North Node, where the Moon crosses the ecliptic from south to north at the time of our birth. A Draconic Chart moves the North Node from its location in the Birth Chart to 0 degrees Aries, known normally as the Vernal Point.


The word Draconic derives from the Dragons Head and this form of astrology comes from Babylonian times. The Draconic Character Analysis is an incredible opportunity to see the set of energies we bring into this world at a soul, or karmic level.

With my very Special Offer of a Combination of a Draconic Character Analysis and also a 12 Month Personal Forecast (of 12 Full Months from the time of the order), you can soar beyond your zodiac sign and gain searing insights about the month’s ahead but also what makes you tick at a deeper level.

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