Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

This is a very old spread designed to examine a situation in depth by looking at a varying number of influences affecting it.

  1. The situation that I am considering in the reading?
  2. An important aspect of the situation in question?
  3. Aspects of the situation of which I am consciously aware?
  4. Important forces at work of which I may be unaware?
  5. Past events and concerns relating to the situation?
  6. What’s coming next in this situation?
  7. Me and my attitude toward the situation?
  8. The way other people in my life and my relationship with them can influence this situation?
  9. What I desire as an outcome and what I fear might happen instead?
  10. This is the outcome of the situation, something you can consider so that if you need to do so, you can change your choices to negate what the cards say will ultimately happen.